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LGBTQ Activists Prepare Rwanda’s First Pride

After several years of active work, obtaining funding and selecting a suitable venue, Rwandan LGBTQ activists are ready to host the First Pride Festival. This is a country where Coming out poses a serious threat to one’s safety. Due to

2 mins read

Equality Movement – January 2023 Review

The Equality Movement is an organization supporting LGBTQI people, whose goal is to promote the full integration of the LGBTQI community and women in society. The Equality Movement fights to eliminate homophobia and sexism in society. Accordingly, the organization provides

3 mins read

TEMIDA — January 2023 review

Temida is a queer-activist, trans* community organization that organizes, works and fights to build a safe, equal and dignified political, legal and social environment for trans* and queer people. The goal of the organization is to build a dignified, equal

4 mins read

Women’s Fund in Georgia – January 2023 review

The Women’s Fund Georgia has existed in Georgia since 2005 and its mission is to strengthen women’s organizations and groups in the center and regions for the realization of women’s rights, their full participation in public life and self-realization. We

1 min read