The Second and Third Seasons of HEARTSTOPPER have been Approved

We will see Nick, Charlie, Ellie, Tao, Tara, Darcy and Tori again on the small screens!

Netflix’s new series Heartstopper will return to viewers for the second and third seasons.

An official announcement in this regard was released on Netflix communication channels on May 20, and the joy of the fans knows no bounds.

The series, based on a series of graphic novels by Ellie Osman, hit the screens on April 22 and tells the love story of two students at the school, Nicholas and Charlie.

It is unknown at this time who will star in it or when will it come out. But according to the source material it will follow Nick and Charlie.

The series, which shows the queer experience from a different angle, turned out to be very successful for the streaming service and soon viewers fell in love with it, according to Netflix, with users watching the series for 14.55 million hours two days after its premiere.

According to various editions, the series very well describes the love of teenagers and shows a rocky experience that can be enjoyable and less painful.


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