Transgender Women Should Not Compete in Women’s Sports – Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson says he finds it unacceptable for transgender women to participate in women’s sports events.

The issue of transgender athletes, which focuses on women’s involvement in sports, sports fairness and safety, has recently been addressed in the case of transgender cyclist Emily Bridges. She announced that she had been refused participation in the first elite women’s race.

Johnson addressed many issues, including the government’s approach to banning conversion therapy, adding:

“I do not think that biological men should participate in women’s sports tournaments. It may be debatable, but I just find it reasonable. I also think women should have their own spaces. Will it be in hospitals, prisons or dressing rooms. These are complex issues and cannot be resolved quickly and easily by legislative change. It takes a lot of thinking to make the right decision. “

Johnson’s comment was responded to by the LGBTQ charity Stonewall:

“Transgender people deserve to have the same opportunities as others to enjoy the benefits of sports, and excluding them from competitions is fundamentally unfair. Sport has a unique power to unite us, and it is important for transgender people to be able to compete without exclusion and violence.”


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