The Drag Ball Series of Drag Performer Competitions Begins

The Drag Ball is a new project by Tbilisi Pride that aims to strengthen queer artists and the queer community, develop the Ball culture and create a safe space in which everyone can express themselves and be free.

The first event – Prayers and Flowers, planned on March 24 will be dedicated to Ukraine. This is for those people that fight selflessly to protect their country and its people. This is a war between the truth and the lie, between the good and the evil. Through this war it will be decided whether human rights will be protected or trampled; whether we will live in a safe environment or face a nuclear catastrophe. This is our war too.

Besides the tense competition and beautiful performances, you will also see special artist of the Georgian electronic scene.

Donations from the first event will be donated to help queer people fighting in this war.

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