The Third Night of The Drag Ball Will Be Held on May 26

On May 26, another evening of The Drag Ball will be organized by Tbilisi Pride and the initiative group.

The theme of the third Drag Ball is Disney and 8 drag queens: Mariko Kardashian, Bipolara, Evil Queen, Homo Erectus, Lee, Pusseidon and Gerilyn Stone will be participating in it.

Sofia McQueen, the winner of the last show, will present a special drag performance, while STEPHANE and LUA will present musical acts.

Matt Shally will be hosting the evening.

The Drag Ball is a project by Tbilisi Pride and Initiative group – a series of drag performer competitions, aimed at developing the ball culture in Tbilisi, strengthening queer artists and offering a safe space to strengthen the community.

To get tickets, it is necessary to pre-register on the Tbilisi Pride website.

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