About Us

The online publication Queer unites people with liberal values. We remember that the neglect of human rights has led to a number of barbaric acts and crimes against humanity. We believe that protecting the rights of every human being contributes to social progress and universal well-being. We know that without freedom of expression and speech it is impossible to create a world in which people are free from fear, poverty and oppression. We work to protect the rights of one of the most oppressed social groups in Georgia – the queer community, and we are also in solidarity with all other social groups or individuals whose rights are being violated. We are ready to join all those who believe that this concerns them as well.

We promise each other that by using this platform, we will contribute to supporting such fundamental rights in Georgia as:

  • The right to life and health
  • Protection from violence, discrimination
  • Protection from inhumane treatment and torture
  • Freedom of personal development
  • Freedom of expression and speech, assembly and manifestation
  • Freedom of opinion and association

Tamaz Sozashvili


Queer activist, co-founder of the publication Queer and Tbilisi Pride. For several years, he has been involved in the process of empowering and protecting the rights of LGBTQ people living in Georgia. Graduated from Tbilisi State University, Bachelor’s program in social work. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work and Human Rights at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. “For me,Queer is another powerful platform for advocating for LGBTQ issues,” – says Tazo.

Zura Abashidze


A queer writer, blogger, and an activist. He has been involved in LGBT + activism since 2014 and actively publishes letters in various online and print publications. In 2016, a collection of short stories authored by Zura Abashidze was published, which won numerous literary awards and has been translated into German. His stories are included in the syllabus of the Faculty of Gender Studies of Tbilisi State University. Zura: “Queer.ge is a unique opportunity for me to take care of and strengthen the queer community, which is facing a great challenge today, to support each queer person in the struggle for freedom, for a better future, for love, and to remind them that they are not alone in this struggle.”


Nino Bolkvadze


A lesbian activist, a lawyer – has been involved in the LGBTQ advocacy process since 2012. With her help, more than 30 Georgian citizens applied to the European Court of Human Rights to cease discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity and to protect their rights. She considers herself to be a liberal and a creative person. Nino: it’s possible that Queer will be my greatest legacy for the queer community living in Georgia and the Caucasus region. In any case, I have a great desire for that.”


Nino Urushadze


Editor of Queer, a lawyer by profession and a civil activist. Collaborates with various organizations and informal groups fighting to empower women and the LGBTQ + community, participates in campaigns and projects related to gender equality issues. Nino: “For me, Queer is another opportunity to work for and achieve what I believe in the most – freedom and equality.”


Giorgi Baskhajauri

A journalist. Giorgi is a graduate of journalism of the International Black Sea University who has

been working in online media for 2 years. His interests are social challenges, queer rights and

issues relating to mental health. Giorgi: “For me, Queer.ge is a way to care for queer community

members, to transform the society’s views and to achieve equality, which I consider to be the

most important challenge.


Leluuch Morchadze

A civil activist, a blogger. Studied at the Faculty of Georgian Philology of Tbilisi State

University. Has been involved in activism since 2018.

Leluuch: “Queer.ge is a publication that aims to strengthen and fully integrate the LGBTQ+

community into the society. The existence of such platforms is absolutely crucial in order to

achieve equality in our country. I am happy to have the opportunity to be a member of this