Tbilisi Pride

“Tbilisi Pride” has Turned 3 Years Old

Today is the birthday of “Tbilisi Pride”. The organization is 3 years old.

Mariam Kvaratskhelia, one of the founders of the organization and now its co-director, publishes a statement on the social network about this:

“We have gone through very difficult processes from the day the organization was founded until today. Fighting for equality and freedom is not easy. It is not easy to confront the institutions with great power and money, such as the Georgian Patriarchate, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, SState Security Service and, in general, homophobic state structures and government. Added to this is Russia’s soft power.

Today “Tbilisi Pride” and its events are the most important resistance not only in Georgia but also in the region. The fact that the Pride Festival was openly and announced in Georgia is an event that the whole region is talking about, including, in fact, Russia.

We have big plans ahead, we are not going to stop for a second, to retreat. What makes me most happy is that hundreds of queer people and supporters join us as members of the organization. We are a great force, which is already visible, but will gradually become even more apparent.

Join us in the fight for equality and freedom! “


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