Why Lesbian Visibility Day is Important

April 26 is the day of lesbian visibility and recognition. This day was first celebrated in the United States in 2008 and is still celebrated internationally today.

April 26 carries a heavy weight and is important not only for lesbian women but for the entire queer community. It can be seen as a place of refuge for lesbians, a day to make them feel protected, recognised and important in a world where they are still discriminated against and are often victims of violence.

One of the main purposes of this day is to make people ignore the stereotypes and misconceptions that lesbians encounter in their daily lives.

It is no secret that the lesbian community is marginalised. They are more likely to experience mental health problems (e.g., depression, eating disorders, and anxiety) due to the emotional stress they go through as teenagers. Often, this is caused by their families expressing hatred and homophobic attitude towards them.

Teenage girls put a lot of effort in keeping their sexual identity a secret. They are afraid that they will be severely punished by their family, or worse – they will have to leave home. This is especially difficult when they do not have trusted people around whom they can count on and share their feelings.

Even if you do not identify yourself as a lesbian, you can show support and solidarity with these women, even by acknowledging and seeing the barriers and obstacles they often face. When we are not afraid to stand with our sisters, it can be the beginning of a happy life for some women.

International Lesbian Visibility Day is not just a celebration of lesbian women, it is about the entire LGBTQI community, people of different races and nationalities fighting for queer rights.

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