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The Works of the Gori Women’s Choir Will Be Sent to the Moon

“The craziest project we’ve ever had! The voices of Gori Women’s Choir are already on the moon!” – reads a post from Gori Women’s Choir official Facebook page.

With the support of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA, SpaceX and Astrobotic Technology, Incandence Corp has created a digital archive called the Lunar Codex, which will be sent to the moon. The digital archive will include various works by artists from 90 countries around the world. Gori women’s choir was selected from Georgia. The author of the idea for the Lunar Codex is Dr. Samuel Peralta.

By the decision of the artistic director of the group, Teona Tsiramua, three works were selected for the project – composer Ioseb Kechakmadze’s “Exercice”, “On the Road to Lashari” and the Georgian (Abkhazian) song “Varado”.

All three songs were recorded on Leno Records. You can listen to them on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. All works to be sent to the moon will be placed in the 2nd capsule and will land at the destination in 2024.

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