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10-Day Residency Program for Ukrainians in Georgia

Untitled Gallery Tbilisi is announcing a residency program for Ukrainian queer artists together with Project Fungus and the Ria Keburia Foundation.

The residency program will run from April 20 to 30, and 5 queer artists will work on pre-announced themes, with an exhibition scheduled for May 1st. Ukrainian artists have until April 11 (18:00) to register for the residency program.

“The terror that we are all experiencing in the region is intensifying fears in different directions. In this situation, queer people and artists face one of the greatest challenges and traumas: they face the self-discovery of what it meant to be queer in the context of this warlike attack, have hopes and fears about how to build a life out of ruins, what awaits the recognition and protection of their basic human rights, which depends on who wins the war.

Mutation and solidarity will be the two main topics that the artists think will about while living in the residence of the Ria Keburia Foundation (Kachreti). For 10 days, 5 queer artists from Ukraine will work on these topics, followed by a presentation of the works and a 10-day period ending with an exhibition. After that, a public discussion will be held at Untitled Gallery in Tbilisi,” – reads the statement published by Untitled Gallery Tbilisi.

During the residence period, accommodation, meals and transportation from Tbilisi to Kachreti and back will be provided by the project organizers.


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