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Russian Patriarch Accuses Western Society and Pride March of Attacking Ukraine

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, spoke at a Sunday service about Russia’s attack on Ukraine. He accused liberal Western values, which he said supported a gay Pride March.

Putin launched a war on Ukrainian territory on February 24. Patriarch who has a close relationship to Putin said that “Pride March was created to demonstrate that sin is part of human behavior and that if you want to join their club, you must organize March in honor.”

Cyril said that “these values” are rejected in the Donbas region, so he described the war as “Choosing God’s values”.

“They have been trying for 8 years to destroy what exists in Donbas. In Donbass, on the other hand, the values ​​offered by those in power are fundamentally rejected. If humanity does not see sin as a violation of divine law, but as human behavior, it will be the end of civilization,” said Cyril, who described the conflict as “a very important event in politics.”

Ilia II also spoke about the ongoing war on the territory of Ukraine, although neither Ukraine nor Russia have mentioned it.

“There is a war in some countries, we are sad that there is a war. We pray. We try not to take part in aggravating the situation,” Ilia II said in his sermon.


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