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Alt-Info Office in Khulo was Closed on Its’ Opening Day

The office of the pro-Russian group Alt-Info was opened in Khulo yesterday, but the locals made them leave on the same day. The mentioned information was spread by the member of the Solidarity community, Edo Javakhidze on his Facebook page.

“Can’t say anything about others, but on the opening day in Khulo we closed the Alt-Info office. The moment I informed Dato Solomonidze or about who they were, he immediately made the right decision and kicked them out,” Javakhidze wrote on Facebook.

The opening of Alt-Info offices was followed by protests in other cities as well: the office of a pro-Russian group in Gori was painted red, and in Akhaltsikhe locals made anti-Soviet nostalgia inscriptions on the office banner. At the same time, the civil movement Sirckhvilia has released a petition demanding the suspension of broadcasting for Alt-Info and Russian state channels in Georgia. The petition is signed by more than 10 thousand people.

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