Delevingne Felt Isolated Because her Queerness as a Child

Cara Delevingne has spoken openly about her sexuality in recent years and identifies as pansexual. In a 2020 interview with Variety, the model, actress and activist recalled her childhood and said, “Pride is a feeling I never had as a child.”

In a recent interview with The Time, the actor mentioned that childhood was difficult for her as a queer person.

“As a teenager, I felt isolated because I was queer, I often found it difficult to understand my own feelings. My sisters did their best to be there for me, but it was something I had to go through myself to really know who I was. I’m still on this journey and will continue to be for the rest of my life,” the model and actress recalled her adolescence.

Delevingne considers herself a rebel, and unlike before, when she noted that she was less accepting and had outdated views while working in the modeling industry, she now feels much more open.

“First and foremost, I’ve always seen myself as a rebel, not as someone who wants to break the rules, but as someone who wants to question them. I love the word disobedient. To me, it means someone who questions what they’re told. As a model, I always felt like I was acting. I was constantly trying to fit a mold, but with acting, I was able to understand and navigate my own relationship with emotions,” Cara said at the end of the conversation.

Source: L’officiel

Photo: Beau Grealy / Vogue


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