Netflix Suspends Service in Russia

The giant streaming service Netflix joins other large and small businesses and stops operating in the territory of the Russian Federation.

“Given the current circumstances, we have decided to suspend our services in Russia,” a Netflix spokesman said on Sunday.

According to CNBC, the number of Netflix subscribers in the Russian Federation does not exceed 1 million, while the number of site subscribers worldwide is 222 million.

In addition, it is known that after Russia invaded Ukraine, the streaming service suspended projects and procurement with Russia. Prior to the war, four Russian-language series were produced and co-produced in collaboration with Netflix. Netflix also refused to follow Russian rules in its news coverage.

It is noteworthy that Netflix is ​​not the only company that took this step, after the entry of Russian troops in Ukraine, a number of giant companies or small businesses announced their support for Ukraine and suspended sales and services in Russia.

Just a few days ago, the American film company Walt Disney Picture, together with its subsidiaries, stopped renting movies in Russia.


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