During the HIV and Hepatitis Testing Week, the Test Will Be Free in the Cities of Georgia

The week of HIV and hepatitis testing has commenced in Europe today. It has been running since 2013 and brings together civil society, healthcare organizations and the political spectrum to make as many people as possible aware of their HIV and hepatitis status.

As always, the Georgian Harm Reduction Network has joined the week, and free testing will be available at several medical facilities in Tbilisi and other major cities this week.

Mobile dispensaries were organized in Tbilisi: Kostava str. 46/50; Chubinishvili str. 75; Tsinamdzgvirshvili str. 110; and Gamrekeli str. 10. In addition, during the week the testing will be available in Rustavi (Kostava str. 8, b2), Kutaisi (Pushkini str. 10), Samtredia (Egrisi str. 12), Zugdidi (Petre Uberi str. 1), Poti (B. Kokaia str. 39), Batumi (Gorgiladze str 66, b51), Ozurgeti (26 Maisi str. 11), Gori (Besiki str, 3/6), and Telavi (Ninoshvili str. 39).

When one’s HIV status and hepatitis status are detected and understood in a timely manner, the condition is easy to manage and allows a person to practically maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, regular testing is crucial to prevent the production and dissemination of accurate statistics.

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