Cuba took a huge step toward legalizing same-sex marriage

Despite the discriminatory past of the country, there has been much progress concerning equality in the last few years. Nowadays, LGBTQ+ people are protected under the constitution from discrimination. Since 2008, trans people have had access to free healthcare, and since 2013 they have a right to change their name and sex in their identification cards easily, even without any surgical interventions.

In September 2021, Cuba’s Ministry of Justice published a proposed draft, which deals with the regulation of issues such as marriage, divorce, etc. in the existing code. The code’s newly revised article defines marriage as “the voluntarily arranged union of two people with legal aptitude for it, in order to live together, on the basis of affection and love.” The previous document currently defined marriage as a “union between a man and a woman”.

Catholic bishops have been successfully delaying attempts to introduce sex education in the country. Reportedly, they opposed the curriculum due to concerns about “gender ideology”.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the amended document will be submitted to the Cuban national legislature for approval in December.


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