The Gay Couple’s Fashionably Dressed Dog has Become an Internet Sensation

The most tastefully and fashionably dressed Italian Greyhound dog walks the streets of Montreal, the dog can not stand the cold climate of Canada without clothes, which is why its owners, the American gay couple decided not to betray fashion trends, dress their four-legged friend.

Tika has over one million followers on Instagram and almost 21 million likes – on the TikTok page, we offer the best looks of glamorous Tika:

Tika with her parents

It seems that Tika’s favorite color is pink…

But he knows that it is a black classic …

Supermodel Tika especially likes to pose in nature…

There are days when jeans and a simple t-shirt are the best option…

During Pride month, his wardrobe changes…

You will also find evening dresses in her wardrobe:

The super-popular Tika hit the cover of the Canadian Journal as well.

Glamor Greyhound has glamorous friends.

Making artificial fur look good is not a problem for her at all…

Neither striped prints scare her…

Tika knows well how to dress in a bar:


She looks good in anything.

Bags are Tika’s weak spot.


Even the most famous New Yorker, Carrie Bradshaw, would be jealous of her looks:

New Year is Tika’s favorite holiday.

Tika early in the morning, before drinking the first cup of coffee…

She doesn’t forget her loyal fans on Halloween either.

Keep an eye on Tika and do not miss the latest fashion trends!

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