A Coming Out Story Of Heartthrob Actor Of Telenovela

The star and model of the TV shows, Roberto Manrique from Ecuador, came out last week. He posted a video in which he talks about being gay. “There were days when I did not know what was happening to me, but when I went deeper, I realized that recognizing my identity was the culmination of my love for this great journey,” says Manrique.

In the coming out video Manrique also addresses his childhood and recalls how much pressure he felt from heteronormative masculinity, that did not allow him to be himself.

According to the actor, the point of the coming out was to free the young Robertito and allow him to live without guilt that he felt when he was growing up.

“I have a wonderful boyfriend, with whom I have been with for 7 years. “We are perfect, wonderful and loving beings,” he said. “Anyone else who might hear this and feel like they have something to feel guilty about, you don’t have to. You are perfect.” – Manrique addresses the queer people.


Source: them.us

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