Another church with marriage equality

The Old-Catholic Church of Switzerland (Die Christkatholische Kirche der Schweiz) has been added to the number of traditional Christian churches that perform the wedding of same-sex couples.

The 154th National Synod of the Old Catholic Church of Switzerland held on September 10-11 and the bishop decided that “Every blessing the church bestows on a civil marriage between two adults of any sex is equally sacramental.” – is written in the resolution of the Synod. The majority of the participants in the National Synod voted for the innovation of the Church to become more Catholic (universal), although 2 delegates opposed this initiative.

The topic to be discussed by the National Synod in 2022 will be the reform of the text of the Sacrament of the wedding, in which the gender language must be changed to suit not only heterosexual couples but also homosexuals.

The Old-Catholic Church of Switzerland is one of the most important churches in the country, funded by the state budget, and the number of its parishioners is about 12,000 people.


Photo: Old-Catholic Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Bern.

Author: Thoma Lipartian, Leader of the Anglican/Episcopal Church

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