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A Female Georgian War Veteran Fighting against Russia in Ukraine

Darejan Maisuradze, a 63-year-old Georgian lieutenant colonel, a war veteran and a sniper, is fighting against Russia in Ukraine.

In an interview with Prime Time, she says that she also fought in the 2008 war. She also swore to protect Ukraine much earlier, during the war in Abkhazia.

For her own safety, we will not be revealing the exact location at which Darejan Maisuradze is fighting for Ukraine against Russia at the moment… She states that she swore to protect Ukraine during the war in Abkhazia. The urge to fight grew even stronger in 2008, during the August War, and now she is in the center of action.

“I must take revenge on the Russians for the bloodshed of our boys and for the Ukrainians who fought in Abkhazia to support us,” said the Georgian fighter.

“One man – Sergey, along with many other Ukrainians, came from Dnepropetrovsk region with two children to defend Sokhumi. The Russians killed one of his children, as he fell on the battlefield of the Abkhazia. Sergey brought his son’s body to Ukraine and then returned to Abkhazia to continue fighting.”

When I asked him how he returned and continued his fight after such a tragedy, to which he replied: “if we do not stop Russia here, in Abkhazia, now, they will definitely come to Dnepropetrovsk. Now, as Russian occupational forces are destroying Kharkov, attacking Kyiv and approaching Dnepr, I constantly remember the words of that Ukrainian man… We must stop Russia now, at Dnepr! I swore an oath back then that if Russia attacked Ukraine, I would fight for those Ukrainians that stood with us during the war of Abkhazia and supported us in our fight. We, Georgians, have a debt to pay and I am paying this debt right here and now.” – says Darejan Maisuradze in an interview with Prime Time and also notes, that in order for Georgia to survive, supporting Ukraine is absolutely crucial.

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