GDI Calls on the National Communications Commission to Take Administrative Action against Alt-Info

Georgian Democratic Initiative calls on the Georgian National Communications Commission to recognize Alt-Info TV as an offender and impose administrative liability on it, citing an attempt by the station to hold Ukraine accountable after Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

“We believe that the statements made by Alt-Info TV serve to justify the criminal acts committed by the Russian Federation and the violation of international humanitarian law, and to idolize crime, which is prohibited by the Georgian Law on Broadcasting. Alt-Info in a number of programs tries to present the current events in Ukraine as a result of Ukraine’s mistakes, which was caused by its pro-Western path. With similar statements, Alt-Info justifies the facts of war, non-discriminatory use of lethal force by the Russian Federation in the Republic of Ukraine, and thus, violations of humanitarian law. Therefore, we believe that the whole narrative of Alt-Info broadcasting is to justify the crimes committed against humanity by the arguments of the Euro-Atlantic course chosen by Ukraine,” the statement said, focusing on the legal part of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

“On March 2, at the initiative of the United Kingdom, 37 sovereign states, including Georgia, appealed to the International Criminal Court to investigate violations of international humanitarian law by the Russian Federation. Thus, the sovereign position of both the international community and Georgia is that within the framework of the military aggression carried out by the Russian Federation against Ukraine after February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation violates international humanitarian law and commits crimes against humanity.

In addition to international humanitarian law, the action of the Russian Federation is a crime under Articles 404-413 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, which includes crimes against peace, security and violations of international humanitarian law,” the statement said.

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