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Everything We Need to Know about Transgender Visibility Day

March 31 is Transgender Visibility Day and is dedicated to strengthening and advancing the transgender community. On this day we celebrate the existence of transgender people among us and try to raise awareness of their problems as well as fight to better protect their rights. This vulnerable group needs empowerment. Let us all join in this celebration and not be silent.

History of Transgender Visibility Day

Transgender community around the world is still discriminated against. They have to deal with enormous pressure in workplaces, schools, public places. They live in an unequal environment just because they are born different and perceived as “sinners”.

In 2009 Rachel Crandall, a transgender activist living in the United States, founded this day to raise awareness of the incredible discrimination that transgender people face in all parts of the world. The need to establish a day for transgender visibility points to the oppression that transgender people experience at different stages of life. Crandall noted that the only day centred around the transgender community was a day of remembrance for transgender people whose lives were sacrificed and there was no other day to encourage transgender people who are alive.

Therefore, every year, on March 31, we recognise and honour the contribution that transgender people have made to public life, commemorating their success in the fight against injustice. Through Transgender Visibility Day, we hope to evoke moral responsibility, increase tolerance, and lift restrictions on the rights of transgender people.

How to Keep Track of Transgender Visibility Day

  • We can read about the lives and experiences of transgender people
  • Share various statistics and news with the hashtag #TransgenderDayOfVisibility – spread the love we need so much
  • Attend events, meet transgender people in person and create memories with them

Who is Transgender?

There are different types of transgender people – transgender women, transgender men and non-binary people.

  • Transgender women are those who were assigned male at birth and identify as women;
  • Transgender men are those who were assigned female at birth and identify as men;
  • Non-binary people are those who do not identify as women or men.

Why Transgender Visibility Day is important

  • Transgender people have to go through a very hard life. In July 2017, a survey was conducted in the UK. It involved 108,000 LGBTQ people, the highest rate on the scale today. Research has shown that LGBTQ people are less satisfied with their lives than other citizens, as most of them have suffered harassment because of their identity. 24% of respondents have used mental health services in the last year;
  • Being transgender is not a crime. How can anyone be held accountable for something that is not under their control? Why are transgender people given a negative name? Transgenderism does not mean pathology – it is a condition and a way in which people express their identity and status;
  • They have made the same contribution to public life as gay people. We need this day to celebrate and remind the transgender community that the value of their lives, their achievements and their contribution to history are not forgotten.
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