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Tbilisi Pride — Review of December 2022

Tbilisi Pride is a civil association of LGBTQI people and supporters. The organization holds pride week annually in Tbilisi, thus putting LGBTQI issues on the political agenda, conducts surveys, and fights for the civil, political, and socio-economic rights of queer people in Georgia. 

We present to you the activities of Tbilisi Pride in the month of December 2022:

  • Tbilisi Pride started December with the final event of the World AIDS Day campaign, which was held in cooperation with the Youth Peace Ambassador Network. On December 1, members of the LGBTQI community, youth, supporters and people interested in HIV/AIDS issues gathered at Cafe Gallery and talked about history and contemporary challenges. The event also featured a screening of Netflix’s very informative and emotional short film, History 101 — AIDS. All attendees of the event had the opportunity to get a free HIV testing.
  • The organization kept the tradition of community meetings at the Tbilisi Pride office, which had become an outstanding place for the community to gather: 
    • On December 15, Tbilisi Pride hosted a meeting dedicated to involving queer people in political activities and the difficulties attached to this process. Mamuka Jugeli, a young politician spoke at the event. He shared his experiences and gave advice to the attendees. 
    • On December 23, the organization hosted a meeting dedicated to legal gender recognition of transgender men, regarding which ECHR has recently issued a decision. One of the complainants of the case, Nikolo Ghviniashvili, and representatives of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) attended the meeting. 
  • The organization has spent the whole month preparing for the most unforgettable and grandiose drag ball- THE DRAG BALL: ALL STARS– which will be held at club KHIDI. Tickets for the event are still available at tkt.ge. The drag ball will feature Queens known to the queer community, and supporters, as well as a variety of special guests. Participants include: Sofio McQueen, Lucrezia, Gerilyn Stone, LiLe LARA, Rafaela Toxikana, Queen Vanilla Ice, Evil Queen. In addition, Maxime Machaidze (Luna997), IAMNIKITA and Body Pressure will offer a special performance to the attendees. The ball will be opened by a special guest — Georgian jazz legend, Giuli Chokheli. Check out the event on Facebook.
  • In December, the organization completed the summary of the past year and created a New Year’s news letter, which summarizes the important news of 2022.

In January, Tbilisi Pride plans special community meetings and will publicize a new, completely different project, the first part of which has already been prepared.

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