Germany Appoints First “Commissioner for Queer Affairs”

Germany has appointed a commissioner for the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity. Green Party lawmaker Sven Lehmann will oversee a LGBTQ+ national action plan. The Central Government Commissioner for the acceptance Sexual and Gender Diversity will work with government agencies on issues that affect the daily lives of LGBTQ + people. Sven Lehmann will lead the Coalition Government’s Action Plan on Ensuring Sexual and Gender Diversity.

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Lehman said that protection of all people regardless of their sexual and gender identity “must be ensured in accordance with the Basic Law” (Germany’s constitution) and that “the fundamental rights of trans, inter and non-binary people must finally be fully enforced.”

“We also need a broad strategy to combat hatred directed at groups — which explicitly includes ‘queerphobia’,” Lehmann said.

In 2018, Germany became one of the few countries worldwide that officially recognizes the existence of more than two genders. In the new government’s coalition deal, the three ruling parties pledged sweeping reforms for LGBTQ+ rights including an end to restrictions on blood donations by gay men, as well as legal changes to allow trans people to determine their own gender.

Source: DW

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