Friends Don’t Count Chromosomes

March 21 is International Down Syndrome Day, first celebrated in 2006 and established under the auspices of the United Nations in 2011. This day aims to spread information about Down Syndrome, protect the rights of people with Down Syndrome and ensure their active participation. The establishment of World Down Syndrome Day is caused by the stigmas and stereotypes about people with Down Syndrome around the world. The main message of 2022 is “inclusion matters.”

The date was not chosen by chance, the number indicates chromosome 21, and March, as the third month, indicates a trisomy.

In 1866, the British physicist John Down first described chromosomal pathology, in which a person has 47 chromosomes instead of 46. Down syndrome is not a disease, it is a genetic change. One in every 800 babies is born with Down Syndrome. It is possible for any person to have a child with this syndrome. It is neither hereditary nor contagious.

It is noteworthy that people that have 47 chromosomes are distinguished by kindness and sincerity. They enjoy interacting with others and it’s possible to gain their trust with just one smile.

There are three different types of the syndrome:

  • Trisomy;
  • Mosaicism;

In 2013, at the initiative of the International Down Syndrome Organization, the tradition of “Rock your socks” was established. It is intended to be an original expression of mass solidarity.

This day has been celebrated in Georgia since 2012.

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