Blackbird, Blackbird, Blackberry” The Screenplay Project Won a Grant

The screenplay project of Tamta Melashvili’s best-selling novel – “Blackbird, Blackbird, Blackberry”, directed by Elene Naverian, has won a grant from the Hubert Bals Foundation. The fund has selected 10 out of 520 applications, among which the project was hit and 10,000 euros will be allocated for its financing.

As the producer of the film, Keti Danelia, told the online publication “Publika“, the plan is to submit the project to the competition announced by the National Film Center. According to Variety, the producer of “Blackbird, Blackbird, Blackberry” will be not only Keti Danelia (“And we will dance”), but also Thomas Reichlin. Elene Naverian has made two full-length films so far – “Wet Sand” and “I am a drop of sunshine on the earth.”

As for Tamta Melashvili’s novel, it was published in 2021 and we read in its annotation: “A middle-aged, lonely woman is living in a small town and works in her own shop. Her monotonous, peaceful life seems to be threatened by nothing, but one day, a sudden incident happens and her orderly life is turned upside down. The woman, terrified of death, makes a decision that she wouldn’t dare to do at other time and embark on an unexpected love adventure. ”

Tamta Melashvili is a modern Georgian author, who has written three novels, “Calculation”, “East” and “Blackbird, Blackbird, Blackberry”. Her books have been translated into German, Russian, Croatian, Albanian and Macedonian. “Calculation” won the Saba Literary Prize in 2011 and the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis in 2013.

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