Books That Can Be An Ideal Gift For Queer People (And Not Only)

New Year is the best time to make a loved one happy, and boxes wrapped in gold bows are an integral part of the New Year. The process is more enjoyable if it is a book that prepares a number of enjoyable adventures for the reader.

Offer 8 books on the subject of queerness, which can be an ideal gift for the queer and not only queer people:

Orlando – Virginia Woolf

Translator – Lela Dumbadze

“Orlando” is a cult classic by British author Virginia Woolf, which tells the story of a young nobleman, Orlando, who lives in Great Britain during the time of Elizabeth. At the age of 30, Orlando travels to Constantinople for diplomatic purposes, where she changes her gender and becomes a woman. In the Phantasmagoric Book, Orlando does not grow old and lives for 300 years. During these 300 years, Wolf plays the role of a chronicler and tells us what life is like for women.

Middlesex – Between the Sexes – Jeffrey Eugenides

Translator – Ramaz Khatiashvili

The Pulitzer Prize-winning book Middlesex is by Jeffrey Eugenides, an American author of Greek descent. “Middlesex” is a very diverse novel, which is not limited to the description of intersex human life and tells the heartbreakingly heartbreaking story of the Greco-American family and, at the same time, perfectly describes the fundamental political or social changes in twentieth-century America.

Dissolution – David Gabunia

Davit Gabunia is a modern Georgian playwright, writer and translator, in whose plays you will meet many queer themes and feminist issues. The novel “Dissolution” was published several years ago and tells the story of one family. Tina and Zura’s family may seem ideal at first glance, but everything changes after Zura starts stalking a gay man next door.

Queer Feelings (Translation Collection)

Translators – Salome Kinkladze, Nargiza Arjevanidze, Nukri Tabidze, Lasha Kavtaradze, Ana Iluridze, Mariam Kajaia

Queer Feelings is a collection of translations published with the support of the South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation. The book combines essays by queer and feminist authors (Yves Kosovski Sejwick, Audrey Lorde, Jose Esteban Munoz, Anne Tsvetkovic, Sarah Ahmed, Lauren Berlant, Dean Speed). The collection of essays asks critical questions and tries to answer with the reader what the queer theory is, how gay and lesbian movements take shape today, what the fight for stone rights means, and so on.

Tskvdiad’s left hand – Ursula Le Guin

Translator – Nika Samushia

The Left Hand of Tskvdiad is a science fiction novel by Canadian author Ursula Le Guin, published in the 1960s and revolutionizing the science fiction genre. The action in the novel takes place on the fictional planet Gethen. On a snow-covered planet, where there is no simple definition of woman and man, the king becomes pregnant and lives people who, it can be said, have no sex.

Watches – Michael Cunningham

Translator – David Akriani

“Clocks” is a 21st century novel by Michael Cunningham, which tells the story of women living in three different times, in the city and in society. The first character, Virginia Woolf, is trying to deal with mental problems. The second protagonist is a reader of Virginia Woolf in the late 40s, after World War II, in a traditional, unmarried marriage. The third character is Clarice, who lives in modern times. The story of queer women perfectly reflects the role of women in three different times and offers the reader an interesting rethinking of queer and feminist issues.

Purifier – Andro Dadiani

“Purifier” is a poetic collection of contemporary Georgian queer author and artist Andro Dadiani, in which the author tells us with uncompromising nature about the difficulties of being born a queer person, the pain that destroys people’s lives, a society that does not recognize minority rights and kills transgender people. Andro Dadiani is known to the Georgian society for his performances, with which the artist responds to various topical and painful political or social issues. Yet his poetry is more than just a reflection.

Roasted green tomatoes in the cafe “Whistle Stop” – Phany Fleg

Translator – Nino Mikashavidze

“Fried Green Tomatoes” is a real treasure trove of American literature and perfectly reflects the most difficult, major years of the American Depression of the last century. The novel, full of sadness and human stories, perfectly describes what minorities have gone through, what their lives have been like in the last century, and how American society has begun to increase its sensitivity to queer and not only queer issues.

Call me by your name – Andre Asiman

Translator – Guram Gongadze

“Call Me Your Name” is a book by Andre Asiman, which tells the story of 17-year-old Elio. The action in the novel takes place in the 1980s, in one of the provincial cities of Italy. A 24-year-old Oliver arrives as a guest in the family of university professors, towards whom Elio has feelings. The audience also saw the film adaptation of the exciting love story, where the main role is played by Timothy Shalame.

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