Cara Delevingne – Queer Fashion and the Red Carpet

Cara, of course, has a lot of amazing features that have nothing to do with the clothes she wears. Also, everyone knows that she is an admirer and supporter of the queer community.

Ranging from simple clothes to a silver shaved head, She adds an extra charm to the red carpet.

Rainbow Costume at Met Gala 2019

At the premiere of “The Great Gatsby”, Delevingne demonstrated an amazing synthesis of vintage and glamor. Cannes Film Festival, 2013:

The psychedelic jumpsuit that Cara is wearing looks magical:

The jumpsuit that Cara wore to the Girl Up # GirlHero Awards, 2019:

Cara’s simplicity and glamour in one photo

This look resembles interior of a bathroom, but it still looks magnificent:

Rihanna and Cara at British Fashion Awards

She looks fantastic in this cosmic dress too;  Thousand Planets Premiere, 2017:

Cara looked amazing in a silver glitter costume at the American Music Award:

A beautiful jumpsuit by Velvet; MTV Movie Awards, 2016:

Cara Delevingne in the beginning of her career, 2012

MTV Movie Award, 2017:

Cara in a beautiful, elegant dress,  Women of The Year, 2016:


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