A Transgender Woman Was Shot with a Pneumatic Weapon in Tbilisi

A transgender woman was shot with a pneumatic weapon in a Circus area in Tbilisi yesterday. In a conversation with Queer, a transgender woman, Cecilia, says that she has never had contact with these people before:

“Yesterday, at about one o’clock I was coming down from Aleksidze turn. When I got out of the car, i was on foot walking to the Heroes’ Square, three strangers came up to me and ran away. After that, they got into the car, as soon as I arrived at Aleksidze lane, I had to cross the road in the direction of the circus, during which I was shot from the car with a pneumatic gun, one rubber bullet hit me in the chin and the other in the back. There was no swearing, no insult, I had no contact with them before, I saw them for the first time in my life.

They are arrested now. As they say themselves, we did not even know that it was a trans, we just wanted to intimidate and make fun of her, we did not think that she would get hit and get any kind of injury. But this is advised by the lawyers so that the anti-discrimination laws don’t apply to the investigation, so they aren’t prosecuted on the grounds of transphobia.”

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