Salome Asatiani: I still believe that the time will come, and all this hatred will become disgraceful

Journalist Salome Asatiani writes about events concerning Pride on her Facebook post:

“Behind every single one of your hatred phrases stand a little boy, that at this moment is being laughed at by his dad, brothers, classmates and friends for not being “manly enough”. Every single one of your “we won’t let them come outside” phrases poison the mind of a little girl, who feels different from others, and is thinking that “something is wrong with her”. So many people are being affected by this whirlpool of hatred, that not only cannot dream of a worthy and happy life, but are not even allowed to live a normal life. People that are constantly abused in their own households by their parents, bullied, or “treated”, that cannot be seen in the public with their partner, that despite living together for many years, still do not have any rights, as a couple.

This hatred is inhumane and cruel. What right does anyone have to prevent someone from publicly speaking out when they believe that they have something to say to the society?

No matter how much you hate, the reality will not change and human nature and sexuality will continue to be mysterious and complex. Yes, a man might be in love with a man, and a woman might be in love with a woman, this is just a fact and no one and nothing can change that.

I still believe that the time will come, and all this hatred will become disgraceful. What’s tragic is that this process will harm the lives, happiness and physical and mental health of a lot of good people.  And what for? Only because they love in a different way from the respected majority. We have been living in this absurdity for years. “

Tbilisi pride week will be held during 1-5 of July. During this week different events have been planned. On 5th there will be a march that will start at Rustaveli avenue and continue until the Deda Ena Park.

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