Natia Utmelidze – I am Also Here!

“Holding a March of Honor, in my opinion, is very important in countries like ours, in which we need to fight for our rights. This is a part of the fight that includes education in preschools, schools, universities, the right to work, freedom of expression, etc. Generally, human rights have to be protected with a fight in our country. So when, if not today?! Or who, if not us?!

For queer community members pride is a symbol of unity. Generally, people feel safer and calmer when they are part of something greater. The presence of family, friends and just people in solidarity on the march further enhances this sense of calm and security. People are more confident and happy when they are accepted the way that they are, by people who are important to them and whom they love.

Solidarity is important for all communities, especially when we all agree that we have to fight for and protect our rights. This does not exclude the possibility of a different opinion, but it allows for reasoning, arguments, and if necessary, rational compromises. But we need to do this and this needs to be done today. We have to ask politicians and the public to recognize and protect their rights and soon enough we will arrive at the place where the civilized world is today.”

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