Wonder Woman Returns in the New Limited Edition DC Series with a Queer Love Story

Back in November, DC Comics released the first issue of the critically acclaimed comic book, Dark Knights of Steel.


The new story tells the tales of well-known heroes, knights living during the middle ages. There will be some new characters in the series too, such as Superman and Zala-aeli.


In the second issue, Zala-aeli learns the story of her father’s murder from Lois Lane. The grieving Zala-aeli will find solace with the help of Wonder Woman, as share a romantic kiss with each other.


Prior to the release of the story, fans had always thought that Themyscira Diana was a part of the LGBTQ+ community. In 2016, DC comics confirmed this.

Photo: DC Comics


In addition to confirming Wonder Woman’s queer identity, DC Comics entertained fans with lots of queer characters in 2021. Back in August, Robin Tim Drake was cast as bisexual in the movie Batman: Urban Legends. The screenwriters also featured Trans Amazon in one of the latest issues of Nubia & The Amazons.


After the release of the third issue on January 4, the representatives of DC Comics hope that the fans will like the story of Diana and Zala-Aeli. It’s interesting to see if they will be together and become the main power-couple.


Currently, DC Comics is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Wonder Woman. In honor of this date, a new book was published.


In addition, the well-known studio Monolith Productions will release a new game in which players will be able to become part of the Amazon family and unite the modern world. This was announced on Thursday at The Games Awards.


Photo: Monolith Productions


Source: GayTimes, TheVerge

Main photo: DC Comics

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