The Public Defender Issued a Statement in Support of the LGBTQ Community and Called on the Authorities to Respond Appropriately

The Public Defender of Georgia has issued a statement on the occasion of the Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, stating that the purpose of this day is to “condemn violence and express solidarity with LGBT + people. However, LGBT + people and their supporters have not been able to celebrate this day publicly for years due to the risks of violence and the lack of state guarantees of protection. ”

The statement addressed the challenges facing the LGBTQI community and said that despite the increased visibility and the reduction of discriminatory sentiments, “this process is not accompanied by a coherent and thoughtful state policy. Moreover, state legal inaction encourages inequality against LGBT+ people in almost all areas of public life, fails to improve their quality of life and leaves them vulnerable to violence and discrimination.” In addition, the statement speaks about the shortcomings of timely, effective and accountable investigation of hate crimes and the lack of a unified state strategy in this regard.

The statement reiterated the events of July 5, 2021, “when leaders and other members of far-right groups directly and publicly called on the public to use violence against members of the LGBT+ community and their supporters.” On July 5, 2021, the day of the Pride March, law enforcement officers were unable to prevent a large-scale attack on journalists and human rights activists by these violent groups, resulting in a number of people being seriously injured.”

The Public Defender of Georgia called on the relevant state agencies and public figures to “effectively prevent and respond to alleged crimes against LGBT+ people and make public statements that will raise awareness of equality in society.”

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