The Georgian Greens founded a queer and feminist political party

On November 27, at Club Mtkvari, the Georgian Greens held the founding congress of the party. The movement is moving from activism to politics, and after its foundation, plans to merge with the European Green Party, which includes 40 European green parties.

“Today we will establish the Green Party of Queer-Feminist Values. After that, our goal will be to first of all apply to the European Green Party for membership, to become a part of the big green European family, to take use the support in this family when, say, we are dealing with environmental conflicts here,” said Tornike Kusian, one of the founders of the Greens and Already a member of the executive committee.

At the congress, they voted for the election of two more members of the executive committee, Tamar Jakeli and Nino Gogochuri.

“We will not have a chairman, because we believe that all three of us should be equally important and have equal rights. Sofo Shubitidze, Mariam Kvaratskhelia and Giorgi Cheminava will be the members of the audit commission”,- said Tamar Jakeli.

The election of members of the audit commission was also held at the congress.

“We know exactly what values we stand for, we will never abandon either ourselves or the people we have been with for years and for whom we fought. We want to be honest, not pretend. Let’s do politics with more sincerity, but at the same time strategically,” said Tornike Kusian.

Tamar Jackeli said that they are inviting representatives of civil society, activists, various movements that are progressive, working on green issues, equality and democracy in Georgia, “to participate in building a political platform grown from the roots”.

The participants of the congress listened to the video addresses of the Green MEPs and the speeches of the supporters, as well as got acquainted with the agenda of the party, and at the end of the event, a drag show of Not So Virgin Mary and Mariam Kardashian was held. After the event, Georgian artist Moku T played.


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