Tbilisi Pride

Tbilisi Pride – Review: February, 2023

Tbilisi Pride is a civil association of LGBTQI people and their supporters. The organization annually holds Pride Week in Tbilisi, puts LGBTQI issues on the political agenda, conducts surveys, and fights for the civil, political, and socio-economic rights of queer people in Georgia.

We present the activities of Tbilisi Pride in February 2023:

In February, Tbilisi Pride started the second season of “School of Queer Influencers”. The project is for people who actively talk about LGBTQ topics in social networks or beyond them, change the stereotypes surrounding the queer community, and contribute to raising public awareness. The participants have already been selected, and the first meeting of the “School of Queer Influencers” will be held on February 25. The school will last for 10 weeks and the participants will be able to talk about many interesting and relevant topics. Including:

  • A History of Queer Activism: Local and Global Experiences;
  • Identity and queer politics;
  • LGBTQ rights and anti-discrimination legislation;
  • The legal status of trans people in Georgia;
  • Queer art and drag as political activism;
  • Georgian feminist and queer literature;
  • Multimedia for Social Change;
  • Intersectionality and solidarity between social movements;
  • Social movements and campaign planning;
  • The art of storytelling;
  • Freedom of speech and democracy in modern Georgia.


Tbilisi Pride

  • On February 23, the Tbilisi Pride initiative group and club Mtkvarze hosted another Drag Ball, the theme of which this time was Hollywood. In keeping with the theme, the night turned out to be amazingly exciting and glamorous. The audience saw some new and already favorite drag performers. Lela Tsurtsumia’s open support for LGBTQ people was also important. The Georgian pop diva performed several hits for the guests of the Ball and continued the evening as a member of the jury. Countertenor Mikheil Abramishvili, Anman (Ana-Maria Burduli), Kordz & DRO also visited the drag party.

Spring is approaching and Tbilisi Pride‘s work process is entering an important phase. The organization is actively preparing for Pride Week, and many interesting stories are promised before that.


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