Hormone Therapy Reduces the Risk of Suicide in Trans Youth

New research shows that hormone therapy that is used in the transition process of transgender individuals decreases the risk of suicide and depression. The study, published in the journal Youth Health, combines data from more than 9,000 transgender and non-binary young people between the ages of 13 and 24. Despite the desire of many people, only a small portion are involved in hormone therapy due to the lack of access. Involving people who want to do so reduces the risk of depression and suicide by 40%.

Some states ban the inclusion of transgender adolescents in hormone therapy, which exacerbates the situation. The World Association for Transgender Health recommends starting hormone therapy at age 18, although in some cases it is also considered acceptable for minors. In most states, hormone therapy is less available even for adults, and an additional barrier is the social challenges that prevent young people from receiving significant medical care for their mental health due to isolation, fear of exclusion, and other risks.

Source: NBC news

Illustration: Yoppie