LGBTQ rights Luka Ablotia

According to Luka Ablotia, he was attacked on the bus on homophobic grounds

A 17-year-old queer teenager, Luka Ablotia, writes on Facebook that he was attacked on the bus on homophobic grounds.

“This “man” attacked me on the bus because of my jacket. He asked me why I was wearing it unbuttoned. I asked how was it his business and we started arguing. He later got up to hit me, and another one followed. It felt like being surrounded by a mob, swearing at me and insulting me. 

Some girls helped me and I moved to the front of the bus, I called 112 from there. This man threatened to kill me, I had no other choice. The police were supposed to come to Didube, they received the call from the Dighomi. But they didn’t come on time and the bus went ahead. Then the driver stopped at Tsereteli 126, he said we were waiting for the police. This man stepped forward and slapped me. I also defended myself and repelled him with my own strength, then he retreated and threatened me again. Some “women” on the bus blamed me for this. I can’t tell you the deep details because I’m sick writing this. Then the police came and an ambulance was called. I will definitely answer this scumbag and everyone on the bus who violated my rights!”, writes Luka Ablotia and publishes this video:

Queer contacted the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, where they say that they started an investigation under Article 126 of the Criminal Code, which refers to violence.