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Survey – 88% of the Georgian Population Wants Ukraine to Win the War

ACT, a global research and management consulting firm, conducted a randomized telephone survey in which 87% of the Georgian population stated that “the Ukraine war is also our war.”

The majority of the population (84%) directly express the opinion that “Russia is the enemy”. About 11% don’t share this opinion, while the remaining 5% are neutral.

The vast majority of the population (91%) unanimously agrees that the current events in Ukraine are a war crime by Russia and the truth is on the Ukrainian side.

According to the survey, almost half of the country’s population (49%) did not expect Russia to start the war in Ukraine, 17% thought that the war would start only in the occupied territories, and one in three respondents (31%) expected the war to start in Ukraine, including the capital. .

As for who will win the war, 63% believe that Ukraine will be victorious, 12% believe that Russia will be the winner, 20% do not know the exact answer to this question. Also, there are people (5%) who believe that this war will not have a winner.

9 out of 10 respondents want Ukraine to win (88%), while a small number (1%) want to see Russia win.

51% of the Georgian population expects problems from Russia in any case, regardless of how events unfold in Ukraine and thinks that Russia can invade Georgia no matter the outcome.

The results of the research showed that the events of the war are painful and relevant for the population. The majority of respondents (96%) agree that the ongoing processes in Ukraine are partially or fully related to Georgia.

The survey was conducted on March 4-6 and the number of respondents surveyed was 809 people, and the sampling error was 2.4%.


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