Media organizations consider it unacceptable to adopt the Russian law

We, the media organizations that have signed the statement, are categorically against adopting the Russian law on “agents of foreign influence” initiated by members of the parliamentary majority.

We believe that the goal of this law is to stop critical voices from being heard, and media and public organizations not to reflect on corruption, injustice, and poverty in the country.

This is confirmed by the results of a similar law passed in Russia years ago – civil and media organizations were closed, and journalists became victims of persecution.

The adoption of this law harms the process of accession to the European Union, which was clearly indicated by the statement of the High Representative of the European Union on February 24. Accordingly, the submitted legislative amendment hinders the development of Georgia and closes the window of opportunity that has appeared today.

We serve the community and are concerned about the future of our country. We are not going to work under this label. Accordingly, in the case of adoption of the Russian law, we refuse to register as an “agent of foreign influence”. It insults our professional dignity.

At the moment, 63 media have signed the statement, the list is up-to-date:


Publika (

Indigo Magazine

Studio Monitor


Civil Georgia –


Project 64

Chai Khana media

Union of Investigative Journalists “Ai, Fact”

Media Holding Commersant

OC Media

Media Portal “Cactus”

JemNews (

Online Magazine

Real Politics (

“Mtis Ambebi” –

Sakartvelos Ambebi –

Journalism Resource Center JRC

Alliance of Regional Broadcasters of Georgia

Radio Tbilisi

Mtavari Arkhi

Accent News (

Click Media

Shida Kartli

Kartli News (

Gori Community Radio Mosaic,

TV Monitoring

“Georgian Media Group” – /

Neo TV –


Kvemo Kartli

Community Radio “Marneuli”

Women Community Radio ww

Kvemo Kartli Media –

Marneuli TV

Radio Bolneli



Community Radio “Nori”, Ninotsminda,

TV “Borjomi”,

The Ninth Channel, Akhaltsikhe

Union of Journalists of Samtskhe-Javakheti

Media House – Southern Gate

Javakheti Information Center, Akhalkalaki,



TV 25

Radio Citrus


TV “Ninth Wave”, Poti

Radio Atinati

Kolkheti 89

Egrisi TV

Radio Odishi


TV Odishi


Voice of Kakheti,

Information Agency “Spectrum”, Gurjaani,

Pankisi Community Radio

Tamagzavti TV

Radio Hereti


Online Publication “Kutaisi Post”

Rioni TV

Imervizia TV

Mega TV

TV Zari

Radio Rioni

Radio Zari

Chemi Kharagauli


Guria TV

Guria News


AgroGaremo TV

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