Georgia Ranks 34th in Europe in Terms of LGBTQ Rights

According to the updated ILGA-Europe map, which shows the situation in Europe, in terms of LGBTQ rights and equality, Georgia ranks 34th out of 49 European countries.

On the 2021 map, Georgia was ranked 32nd in the LGBTQ rights ratio at 27%, and now, with a 25% index, the position has decreased by 2. Georgia has the highest coefficient of 53% in terms of equality and non-discrimination environment, followed by 50% access to free space for civil society, 26% in terms of hate crimes and hate speech, followed by marital status. Existing 11% index and 6% result in terms of legal recognition of gender.

It should be noted that Georgia’s neighbors – Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey share the last 4 places on the map of Europe. The last place with a coefficient of 2.41%, Azerbaijan is in the 49th place, Turkey is in the 48th place with a coefficient of 4%, Armenia is in the 47th place with 7.5%, and Russia is in the 46th place with an LGBT rights coefficient of 8.45 %.

Malta (92.02%), Denmark (73.78%), Belgium (71.51%), Norway (68.3%), Luxembourg (68.03%) are in the top ten in terms of LGBTQ rights and equality. Sweden (67.97%), France (64.18%), Montenegro (63.43%), Iceland (62.88%) and Portugal (62.03%).

At the same time, across Europe, the coefficient for the protection of LGBTQ rights and equality is 38%, while in the EU this index reaches 48%.

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