Dolphins Have Lots of Lesbian Sex – a Study

The study, published in the academic journal Current Biology, is based on observations of 11 female bottlenose dolphins that died of natural causes. Scientists have discovered that dolphins’ clitoris has a cavernous body, as well as a combination of subcutaneous blood vessels and nerves. Based on the collected information, the researchers concluded that a structure similar to the human clitoris allows dolphins to experience pleasure.

“We know that dolphins have sex all the time. They have sex for social reasons, not just for reproduction. It makes sense that the clitoris would be functional” – said the research leader, Patricia Brennan and added – “The males, for sure, have lots of homosexual sex. Bottlenose dolphins are really hypersexual animals.”

Next, Brennan plans to turn her research focus to alpacas, which can copulate for up to half an hour — much longer than other hoofed mammals. According to the scientist, observing animals may help to solve human sexuality, such as discomfort during the act or other factors.


Source: Advocate



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