9 Queer Vloggers That You Might Not Know

In the last few years YouTube has become even more popular, especially due to the pandemic. According to 2021 statistics, following Facebook, YouTube is one of the most popular social medias that is used by approximately 2.3 billion people every month.

If you like watching amusing YouTube videos and discovering new channels like we do, then you definitely should read this article, in which we’ll talk about 9 YouTube vloggers that aren’t very famous; who with their videos are trying to talk about LGBT and gender-related problems, deliver information and help people in their self-discovery process:

Abigail Thorn

Subscribers – 1 030 000

Abigail Thorn’s YouTube Channel came into existence in 2013 and it offers videos on the topics of philosophy. Abigail decided to start this channel after the education prices increased in the UK. Her goal was to create free videos for those who didn’t have access to education.

The YouTube vlogger grows every year and tries to suggest better-quality videos to the audience. Since 2018, Abigail’s videos have become particularly theatrical, which makes the learning process fun and interesting.

The YouTube vlogger came out in 2019.

Rose and Rosie

Subscribers – 1 010 000

Rose and Rosie are a queer couple that have three YouTube channels and offer all types of content to the audience. For years they have been telling us about various details of their lives, playing different games (Until Dawn, Fortnite, Fall Guys), and trying to empower queer people around the world.

During this time the viewers have seen quite a few memorable episodes from the lives of Rose and Rosie: proposal, wedding, having a child, etc. In 202 the couple created a podcast in which the new mothers will share their observations and recommendations about being a parent.

Elle Mills

Subscribers – 1 800 000



Elle Mills is another YouTube Vlogger whose success doubled in 2017. Their videos are often compared to the movies by a famous filmmaker, John Hughes. The videos of the Canadian vlogger are a lot of fun and easy to watch.

Her most famous videos are about prom, her home that looks like the house from the cartoon UP.

In 2017, Elle Mills recorded another video in which she came out as a bisexual. Soon after uploading the video the number of her subscribers reached a million.

Miles McKenna

Subscribers – 1 160 000



Miles McKenna is a transgender man that lives in LA, who is also one of the pioneer transgender vloggers that is the voice of transgender society in the YouTube world.

McKenna has been making a video-series about the transitioning process, delivering important information about the trans people and shattering the myths and stigmas surrounding trans society for years.

A few years ago the vlogger also published a book in which their experience is described in more detail.




Jade Fox

Subscribers – 244 000

Jade Fox is another YouTube vlogger that creates videos on various queer-related subjects. The content creator’s videos include movies, fashion, practical advice, etc.

Jade Fox, apart from YouTube, works with such companies as Amazon, Calvin Klein, Netflix and Bumble – in creating a marketing strategy and attracting the LGBT+ society.


Subscribers – 33 900

Wylde is a 28-year-old non-binary vlogger, artist and content creator that has been posting interesting videos on YouTube since 2010.

Wylde’s channels offers interesting videos on gender, sexuality, and self-exploration. Their goal is to help young queers and give them more information on the queer world.

The most famous videos by Wylde include: “How I knew I was different”, “Tips for picking cute non binary names!”, “Talking to kids about being non binary”. The vlogger is also known by their Ted Talks series.

Gary Thompson

Subscribers – 38 000

Gary Thompson is a young queer vlogger whose YouTube channel is known by the name ThePlasticBoy. Gary has been posting videos on self-care and make-up since 2010.

In an interview with the Glamour Magazine, the vlogger said that their main goal was to creat such a channel, from which black people could get more information on self-care with dark skin tones and where they would share information on make-up with the black community.

The vlogger is the first man that was featured in the L’oreal Paris campaign #YourTruly. The vlogger also works with such companies as Avon, MAC Cosmetics, Primark, Garnier, etc.

Natalie Wynn

Subscribers – 1 460 000

ContraPoints is a queer YouTube channel which is managed by a transgender woman, Natalia, that talks about politics, gender, race, social problem and philosophy. The structures of her videos resemble long essays and her most popular videos concern the strange culture of the internet, the JK Rowling scandal, and the online subculture Incel.

In her videos Natalie doesn’t avoid taking on different roles and tries to make the 30min-1hour long videos fun by playing out different scenes, taking on inappropriate roles and using black humor.

In 2020 Natalie came out as a lesbian.

Alayna Joy

Subscribers – 339 000


Alayna Joy is a Canadian vlogger who has been writing videos on a variety of interesting and important topics for many years.

Alayna posted videos on bisexuality till 2020 and talked about her long-term relationship with the man she was going to marry, but in 2020, viewers found out from a YouTube video that the marriage was canceled, Alanya came out and said that she was a lesbian. Since then, the videos of the Canadian vlogger have mostly been about her experience as a lesbian and the pandemic in the UK.

Author – Zura Abashidze

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