Safe/Heaven: The Queer Life of the 1950s

In the 1950s and 1960s, in the pre-Stonewall period, Cherry Grove Beach became a haven for gay people. As a result of homophobic persecution, the coast turned out to be a kind of paradise for queer people, where they gathered, united, could socialize and express themselves.

We offer unique photos from the queer life of the 50s, which is full of positive and funny shots:


Hot House, 1958, gathering on the beach

Patricia Fitzgerald and Kay Guinness, September 1952

Men on the beach, approx. 1950

1959 year

Diaper Party, II, 1951

DJ Beast and Candy Stevens, Ice Palace, 1980

Patricia Fitzgerald, Kay Guinness, Mary Ronin and B. Greer, Duffy’s Hotel, 1950

Ed Burke in Mermaid Costume, 1951

Community House, Woman in Headscarf, September 1954

Hot House, 1958

One Hundred Club Party, 1949

Bea’s Brunch, 1951

Parasol Party, 1951


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