The LGBTQ+ World Through the Lens of Queer Photographers

Photography is one of the best ways to preserve history, to observe people, to capture their emotions, and to better understand various social or political processes.


The queer society has come a long way in ensuring that the voices or problems of LGBTQ+ people reach the masses and that people’s perceptions of various vulnerable groups are free from misinterpretation.


For this reasons, a few years ago, one of the online publications asked 35 queer photographers living in different parts of the world to present the daily life of the LGBTQ+ community.

  1. Matthew Papa “Hawaii 50”

2.David Uzochukwu: “Manifest”

3.Myles S. Golden “This is your story”

4.Lia Clay “Chris and Honey”

5.Res “Flowers (Blue, Violet, Pink)

6.Laurence Philomene “The birth of hope”

7.Campbell Addy “Black Dolls”

8.Mattew Morroco “Kissing Rolph”

9.Groana Melendez “Pierina is cleaning Harlem, New york”

10.Zen Piet Astrud “Indirect device of persuasion”

11.Diane Russo “Feminine heart, Bach body”

12. Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. ”Hard work”

13.Ryan Duffin “Fyodor is a star”

14.Andrew Jarman “Peeled pomegranate”

15.Alexis Ruiseco – Untitled.

16.Vanessa Rondon ”David”

17.James Caruthers “Kiss”

18.Alvin Baltrop “ends”

19.Jenna Houston “Bridget and Maia in the morning”

20.Sofia Colvin “Magazine #44”

21. Mikaela Lungulov Klotz “Lux and Halloween”

22. Emily Manning “Protest against trump’s administration”

23.Nelson Morales “Queen on earth”

24.Meg Turner „Griffin“

25.Guanyu Xu “Place of mutation”

26.Savana Ogburn ”Eva”

27.Yael Malka ”Chloe in Los-Angeles”

28.Kito Muñoz ”Os quiero, gracias”

29.Jake Naughton “When we were strangers”

30.Lauren Withrow “Beginnings”

31.Jess T. Dugan “kally and Janny”

32.Chris Smith “Untitled”

33. Mayan Toledano “Boys in Ice land”

34.Peyton Fulford “Trevor in the bedroom”

35. Luis Alberto Rodriguez “Josh and Jermyn”

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