According to the Report from US State Department, in 2021 the Situation Concerning Protection of Rights in Georgia has Deteriorated

The US Department of State has released a report on the state of human rights in 2021.

The report critically assesses the conditions of human rights, media freedom and security of human rights defenders in Georgia and notes that often ineffective measures and statements of the government contribute to acts of violence.

“On July 5, the police did not act properly to protect the freedom of assembly of the participants in the march. As many as 3,000 ultra-right-wing demonstrators took part in the violence, destroying gathering places of protesters, attacking NGO offices and beating more than 50 journalists. According to the Prime Minister, 95% of the country’s population was against the event and blamed Tbilisi Pride for the violence.

Reports and videos show that the police could not/did not arrest ultra-right groups that attacked police, journalists, individuals associated with the Pride March and Western values. Authorities opposed the protest saying that they wouldn’t be able protect the citizens ” it is said in report regarding the events of July 6. “Peaceful protesters were attacked by rocks bottles and explosives but It did not bring together effective protest control equipment and personnel.” In addition, the report states that the organisers of the violent actions were not arrested.

The report also said that the violent actions of July 5 limited LGBTQ people to participate in political processes and to have a voice.

The State Department report states that the number of attacks on LGBTQ people has increased in 2021, and lists specific hate-motivated crimes to which the state has responded inappropriately. In addition, according to the Office of the Chief Prosecutor, in the first 9 months of 2021, preventive measures were taken against 64 people for crimes of sexual orientation and gender identity, although domestic violence against LGBTQ people is still a serious challenge and the state does not respond properly Valid. “LGBTQI organisations, NGOs and the public defenders office have said that the government’s ineffective anti-discrimination policies are undermining the LGBTQI community’s credibility with government agencies, adding that politicians’ homophobic comments lead to hatred and intolerance in the community.”

The extensive report includes assessments of the labor rights situation, attitudes towards refugees and ethnic minorities, including state indifference, critical stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, and discrimination, which complicates HIV prevention. The document also addresses police officers who are not held accountable or prematurely released, rape laws, the legal status of children and persons with disabilities, gender equality challenges, gender reassignment for transgender people, and other important issues.

You can view the full version of the US Department of State report at this link.

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