8 Queer Photographers on Instagram

Photography has always surrounded the lives of LGBTQ + people. It is impossible to deny the importance of photography as an art form – be it documenting the facts of the fight or the moments during which we are coming closer to equality. It seeks to reduce the sense of difference that queer people experience and to remind heterosexuals that the queers are also ordinary people.

In this article, we present 8 queer photographers, whose creations you can see with on Instagram:

1. Laurence Philomene

IG: laurencephilomene

2. Emmie America

IG: emmieamerica

3. Vic Lentaigne

IG: viclentaigne

4. Kito Muñoz

IG: kito.munoz

5. Kostis Fokas

IG: kostis.fokas

6. Heather Glazzard

IG: heather_glazzard

7. Clifford Prince King

IG: cliffordprinceking

8. Mengwen Cao 

IG: mengwencao

Main Photo: Kostis Fokas

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