Wine, Hole shawm, women – Podcast for Queer Women

“Wine, Hole Shawm, Women” – with this name a series of podcasts by queer activists Natia Gvianishvili and Tinatin Noghaideli were created, this was their initiative to talk about interesting topics for queer women and not only them.

Natia Gvianishvili

“We decided to do a podcast during one of our conversations when I realized that we do not have much fun material on interesting topics for queer women. It is true that we also talk about feminism, identity and these topics, but we do not have a framework where the conversation can be  jokes and sarcasm on many topics, healthy satire – in the community I miss it very much. The podcast is mainly aimed at queer (cisgender and transgender) women and non-binary people – this is a major audience, but it is possible that it will be more interesting for the community and involve our gay friends.

The goal, perhaps, is to break the taboos of talking about identities, experiences (including sex, relationships, etc.) and find fun forms of these conversations. With humor we can confront homo/bi/transphobes and also understand the clichés and stereotypes in the community – this can become a catalyst for new discussions, rethinking something. I really want the members of the community to be actively involved, to express their opinions and we can vote, even anonymously. “

Tinatin Noghaideli

Natia and I often talked about these topics, joked and had fun. I have a very close connection with all these mediums that are related to voice and I thought it would be good to use this moment and share the conversations that we actually already have.

Our target audience unfortunately has very little space where they can get to know themselves, we know very well how we are all hidden in the closet and I think Natia and I have the privilege of not being hidden anymore. We want everyone who is now questioning to see and understand that they exist, we exist and all this can be happiness, well-being, jokes and fun and not just suffering, which often exists only in a very serious context – in booklets and somewhere on non-Georgian websites. We want to show others that we exist, completely unpretentiously, through conversations from our room. “

You can listen to podcasts on all platforms: soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and soon on Apple Podcast.

For more engagement, you can contact podcast authors on the Instagram page – tini.meriem

Photo on the main: Gvantsa Gatenadze


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