The World’s First National LGBTQ+ Museum Opens in London

The first National LGBTQ+ Museum will open in London. The information was recently published by the charity organization Queer Britain. The museum will be built in King Cross district and will be the first LGBTQ+ National Museum in the world.

The museum will be a kind of tribute to the stories, places and people who have made a fundamental contribution to supporting and strengthening the UK queer community.

In addition, it will be a safe space where artists, anyone, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, can contribute, and museum visitors will gain a better understanding of queer culture and history.

The museum space will include four galleries, a workshop, educational spaces, a gift shop and office spaces for museum staff. In addition, the museum will be adapted to the needs of people with special needs.

The charity organization Queer Britain started working on the opening of the museum in 2018. They wanted to create a space that would honor the work and merit of all generations of queer people.


The Art Fund, which has been involved in charity since 1903, helped Queer Britain to implement the idea. The exact date of the opening of the museum is not yet known, although the announcement says that visitors will be able to visit the museum for free.

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