The New Theatrical sSeason of “Open Space” will Open with the Play UNMEMORY

The open-air theater season will open on November 27, with a new play by Davit Khorbaladze, UNMEMORY. The play is about continuous transformation of memory. Over time, memory decays, and eventually events and facts are so damaged that, in fact, nothing can be left out of them. Constant is just change. I wonder how the human moving body adapts to variability.

The main target of the performance is the spectator memory, on which the play manipulates through music. Music that instills a sense of infinity is the most important element of UNMEMORY. With visual narratives full of sounds, allusions and associations, the group will try to create a model of the world that reaches out to a static past and selflessly strives to join the fluidity of the future.


Open Space is an independent art company that aims to develop visual and performing arts in Georgia. The aim of the company is to discover artists and give them the opportunity to develop professional skills, self-expression and connection with each other, to create an environment for complete creative freedom and unrestricted methods of self-realization.

Performance Working Group

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