Soviet Posters that are Still Relevant in Russia

On February 24, Putin’s Russia launched a large-scale attack on Ukraine. It is the largest military aggression in Europe since World War II. Putin described the actions as a special military operation, a peacekeeping mission. Putin’s disinformation machine immediately started working and tried to declare Russia a peaceful nation, which was not easy. The truth of misinformation is much harder in the digital age. Putin, obsessed with “Soviet glory” is still exemplary. So Soviet-era propaganda posters are as relevant in Russia as they used to be.

The spirit of communism lingers in Europe, as evidenced by Putin’s 22-year one-man rule. President Putin is trying to expand the borders of the Russian Empire as far as he can. However, for years Russian aggression was taken seriously enough by the Western society. During the war in Ukraine Putin’s Russia remained a hope for 1-2 friendly countries, while the rest of the world turned their backs. So it can be said that the spirit of communism can come back to life.

Ukraine is still waiting for warriors, though not with open arms, as Putin thought. Russia has long considered no one (almost no one) as its savior. Ukraine, free from Soviet influence, met the Russian aggressors with a fighting attitude, which was not as easy to break as Putin had imagined.

Moreover, Western sanctions have even pitted Putin’s loyal supporters against the “glorious leader.” The devaluation of the ruble, rising prices for products, and the freezing of capital accumulated in Western financial institutions have made the oligarchs realize that Russian aggression is damaging their property.

Therefore, Putin decided to censor all dissenting opinions, because “lying” is the biggest enemy of dictatorship. Critical media outlets were restricted from broadcasting, measures were taken to reduce the flow of information from other countries. The role of propaganda media was further strengthened, although in the age of the Internet, establishing control over information was not as easy as it was in Soviet times. An example of this is the correct information spread in the evaluations of various Russian food outlets or in the list of sights in Google Map, which is spread by consumers from all over the world.

The ignorant are blind, and Putin arranges for the presence of as many ignorant people as possible in his own Russia. Who will go to defend the homeland with his one call. However, ignorant people often fail and get misfortune, which appeared even during the attack on Ukraine. The war, which was to decide the fate of Ukraine in the first days, lasted much longer, and Russian soldiers are increasingly losing their temper. Because they often do not know where they are going and what justification will be sought by Russia. A war waged on the land of another country.

Putin’s goal is the same – Berlin, Kiev, Tbilisi and all other cities, but, most likely, this goal has not been achieved. After the mobilization in Russia was announced, Georgia became the goal or final destination of the Russian people. People who did not vote for Russian aggression are now seeking refuge in other countries.

The same is true for Putin, and the Russian president. He has no allies who, like him, can achieve the glorious goals of Russian imperialism. The international media calls Putin’s statements about nuclear weapons a “doomed attempt.” Therefore, we must assume that Putin will not be able to conquer half of Europe as his Nazi ancestor did.

Today, Putin is the worst enemy of women, children, people who want a peaceful life. This is why the whole world has joined Putin in the fight against Russia. However, it must be said that Putin is also an enemy of the Russian people. This is evidenced by the records of mothers and Russian soldiers who know nothing about sending their family members to the battlefield. Hundreds of people have been detained during rallies in Russia, but most Russians still do not know who to fight against or simply do not want to bother voting against Putin.





Today, Putin calls Russians in the name of the motherland and instructs them to join the war in another country. But the information spread on social networks, confirms that Russian citizens are planning to leave the country, among others Georgia. Russians are called by their motherland, but this cry is not followed by most of the citizens and they also avoid enlisting in the army in different countries.

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